2017-2018 Conference presentations


2018 Chorus America National Conference, Chicago, IL

In-School Partnership Programs: Different Models for Success

Presentation Team: Alysia Lee with Julie Haydon(California), Paola Marquez(Michigan), Pamela Shortall (Illinois), and Lauren Southard (Indiana)

As school systems figure out how to build equity and excellence in every school, community partnerships are more in demand. Meet five leaders of independent choruses from across the U.S. that have established in-school choir programs. Each armed with a model designed for the specific needs and resources of their community, they are delivering best practices and first steps for leaders interested in being an educational resource in their local communities.

Maryland Connections Summit 2018, Towson, MD

Better Data: A Catalyst for Advocacy, Policy, and Improvement

Presentation Team: Alysia Lee with Susan Spinnato, MSDE and Lori Snyder, AEMS

This session will provide an overview of new data resources that are available to provide information about arts education. Panel members will share multiple new data resources at the state, system, and school levels that will inform state policymakers, school system officials, advocates, and parents on the state of arts education in their communities. Throughout the discussion, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, explore the data resources, and brainstorm communication strategies around data findings.