Donald Lawrence: In Concert – FAQ

What is the Maryland Masterclass series?
Maryland Masterclass Series is a professional development series for Maryland arts educators presented by the Fine Arts Office of the Maryland State Department of Education through the Maryland Center for Creative Classrooms (MC3) suite of professional development tools.

The Maryland Masterclass series  provides curated experiences with world-class, visionary Master Artists for Maryland arts educators. Master Artists lead sessions for arts educators centered in creating and connecting. For information on other MC3 professional development offerings visit, Fine Arts Office of the Maryland State Department of Education website. 

Does music with a sacred text have a place in the public schools? It is the position of the National Association for Music Education that the study and performance of religious music within an educational context is a vital and appropriate part of a comprehensive music education. The omission of sacred music from the school curriculum would result in an incomplete educational experience. Read more...

When can I purchase tickets for the Saturday, October 13th concert? The concert tickets are available for online purchase on September 1st at Tickets are $15

What is the goal of this event? The workshop aims to authentically build skills and techniques for Maryland music educators to explore music from the American gospel chorus canon to impact cultural exploration and musical excellence in music classrooms.

Did you know?
Donald Lawrence is a Grammy Award winning musician and internationally-sought after vocal pedagogue.

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