MC3 summer studio

MC3 Summer Studio is a professional learning program for arts educators and arts education leaders, conducted by master teachers, artists and artist educators. MC3 offers three distinct pathways for professional learning in arts education: Maryland Arts Education Studio, Maryland Arts Integration Studio, and the Maryland Arts Education Leadership Studio.

This unique opportunity allows participants to explore and develop personal creative habits followed by arts discipline specific instruction—led by master teachers, taught in studio environments — to awaken the artist in each participant while providing a deep investigation of the latest artistic techniques.  

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Maryland arts education studio

Creative Habits of Mind: Develop recurring, sustainable practices to keep your artistry alive.

Creative Process: Define your personal process for moving an idea to an artistic product.

Advanced Technique and Studio Work: Reward your inner artist by spending 3-hours each day taking a deep-dive into the technique of your art form.

Community Based Arts Projects: Learn to see your classroom as the center of the school and surrounding community and develop a project to serve them.


Maryland arts education leadership studio

Creative Habits of Mind: Develop recurring, sustainable practices to enhance your creative vision.

Compassionate Management: Explore how to maximize working relationships be developing communication skills, authentic guidance, and a people-first approach.

Understanding the Creative and Collaborative Processes: Define creative processes and develop collaborative partnerships to ensure sustainable practices in the educational setting.

Assessing Arts Based Teaching and Learning: Observe the creative classroom in practice and learn how to provide authentic and meaningful feedback.